WordPress Backup plugins, Infinite WP plus absolute truth

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Ongoing discussion between a WPMU Hosting client and Joe regarding WordPress backup plugins, Infinite WP plus other truths.

We have replaced the clients name with “Bob” and spelled it backwards so that nobody knows who we are referring to.

Greetings boB 🙂

Thank you for letting me know about your guide/article and from your description it sounds like it will be wonderful help to all the new to WordPress folks out there.

— Most blog posts we’ve seen on WordPress backups were usually promoting $80 backup plugins like iTheme’s BackupBuddy, just like every darn “Start Your WordPress Blog” guide funnels people to Bluehost for hosting. They’re all hustlin’ for affiliate $$$. 😉

Spot on! But even WordPress themselves are in on that game as clearly evidenced on their hosting page … Bluehost has been there for years … folks promoting them are after that commission when the client chooses Bluehost via the last I knew they forced yearly subscriptions. WordPress also claims the list is “arbitrary” then lists criteria! What an obvious fraud that is and so apparent to any honest thinking person. Arbitrary and then criteria cannot be used together or else it is simply not arbitrary – the pure definition of arbitrary is the lack of criteria. What a bunch of BS that is.

— With sufficient know-how, there is no doubt that you wouldn’t need to pay for expensive backup solutions or even use plugins for that matter.

It gets even better then that my friend … we ran across open source ( free ) Infinite WP https://infinitewp.com/ and have been running it through testing and promoting it as well … it is the equivalent of Manage WP https://managewp.com/ and the like … Infinite WP has worked flawlessly to date having tested it now for approximately two weeks. They appear to make money via add-ons which to date we have not examined but indeed this great application is free and feature rich as it is.

However, we have yet to test the backup facility within as we do our backups otherwise.

UPDATE: I just tested the backup facility in Infinite WP and it works wonderfully!

Full disclosure: Though Infinite WP is absolutely free … our business angle is the hosting end and fully intend to promote this as we perform the installation and host it for $3.95 month https://wpmu-hosting.com/cart.php?gid=8 . Our personal hosting plan for $3.95 a month is more then enough space to hold this application and I believe possibly control hundreds if not thousands of WordPress web site installations from within. Like any other client site the client owns it and if they choose can migrate it to another host as they see fit.

That’s it! Those with VPS’s can already add it as it’s own application via WHM creating a cPanel for it and installing it absolutely free. Those with shared hosting can add it as an add-on domain BUT wisdom tells me to keep things like this compartmentalized and leaves me thinking that its own cPanel account is best policy. Some reasons being that and not limited to for example if someone successfully hacks a shared hosting non VPS account the hacker cannot get control of the Infinite WP installation as well and/or if there is a coding issue with any of the other sites they have no chance of affecting the Infinite WP installation.

Actually we are promoting it … no affiliate links nor the like as it is free … openly to anyone in the world who will listen and they are free to use it as they see fit on any host they see fit. We want nor expect nothing in return except having the satisfaction of knowing we have helped a lot of people and saved some money for those that jump on board with their own installation no matter where they host – and saving money is indeed making money!

UPDATE: Looking over their add-ons I basically see that we could start our own version of this service under our own brand if we so choose … who knows maybe ManageWP or the like are already doing it … but prefer to continue promoting the use of this application as described above considering it to be a global community service especially to those paying for similar service/application while simultaneously offering a solution where they do not even need to install the software/Infinite WP as we will do it for them and host it in it’s own cPanel account for $3.95 … in this case the actual installation is complimentary and all the end user must do is install a plugin from the repository to any WordPress installation on any host and copy and paste the information given when they activate the plugin inside Infinite WP.

In addition, there is a feeling of joy to know that not only can we help folks save time and possibly money ( though time is money ) just by getting them to install and use Infinite WP – but also to know the potential of many more WordPress sites that will be kept up to date due to the ease of use and “update all” feature – adds the ease of one button updating – irrespective to the amount of sites is joyful and exciting!

It does not matter if they host with us or not … the world benefits by less compromised servers/hosting accounts/WordPress installations and that puts the hurt on the hackers, spammers and the like.

— You’d sometimes wish everyone could experience the awesome power of Linux backup scripts with cron jobs to execute them whenever you like. 🙂

You know it! However, even if very knowledgeable they would need to have root access of some type to execute/initialize the commands ( upon client request our allowed jailed ssh access may indeed do the job – free with every account but most unfortunately have no clue what ssh is or means ).

— With all the trouble caused nowadays by the likes of Bluehost, GoDaddy and HostGator et al., I always appreciate finding a high-integrity company like yours that I can send people to, knowing they’re not going to have tech problems with awful support every few weeks.

And more my friend not limited to but including free SSL certificates – another disruptive technology and we lost thousands of dollars to it yearly – though we indeed purchased, installed and enabled the Let’s Encrypt cPanel application in every cPanel account – we may have lost quite a bit to the implementation – hurting sales of SSL certificates – the loss is nothing compared to the hassle it will be for the criminal elements and illegal/unlawful spying entities to have to constantly de-crypt the data wasting their time and their computing power simultaneously 😀 Actually knowing we are helping to stick it to those criminal elements and illegal/unlawful spying entities is reward enough in itself.

— Keep up the passion and good work!

Thank you boB and the same to you my friend!

Have a GREAT day and let me know if you have any further thoughts/ideas/information/criticisms that you would like to share – it is a pleasure to be helpful to the non elite folks and to be equally disruptive to the status quo/elite.

Here to help if we can

Joe 🙂

PS: Coming soon Chrome will be marking/labeling all http unsecure sites as unsecure https://wptavern.com/chrome-to-add-security-warning-to-http-sites-beginning-2017 – this will be a boom for those selling SSL Certificates … however, all our clients have to do is press a button or two inside their cPanel 😀




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