WordPress Backup Plugin on WPMU Hosting – Why?

backupWhy would anyone want to use a WordPress backup plugin on a cPanel host that does and/or allows backups without additional charge?

Lets see the procedure using a plugin …

1) First of course there is the initial WordPress installation

2) Plugin installation and configuration

3) Then of course the plugin most likely does the backups automatically storing them on the same server and/or on a remote server

The procedure using a cPanel host that allows clients to backup from within cPanel

1) Login into cPanel

2) Go to the backup section

3) Choose which backup – files and/or database and/or email – then once chosen the client is prompted to download said backup to their computer avoiding storage on the native host and third party. These backups can be restored by the client at will.

Optionally there is the “Download a Full Web Site Backup” option which grabs everything – the downside is that it is stored on the server taking up space unless one deletes them via file manager or FTP once they have the download on their computer – also the host must restore them for the client and unlike us many charge for this.

Tragedy strikes … the site is hacked and needs restored … lets cover both procedures of recovery.

Using a plugin one must:

1) Reinstall WordPress

2) Reinstall the plugin

3) Upload the backup

4) Restore the backup

Using a cPanel host like us that does not charge helping the client recover from these tragic occurrences restoring the backups whether it be from hacking, client error or whatever … we also do weekly backups ( schedule is in knowledge base ) of every site sent to a backup server and considering we use RAID 1 on our shared servers even a drive failure does not bring the site nor server down.

This also means that most clients do not realize that the space they are provisioned in their plan with WPMU Hosting is really doubled as it is taken up on the RAID 1 mirror

( RAID 1 mirror is two drives set to mirror each other so if one drive goes down the second automatically kicks in avoiding an outage for drive replacement and re-installation of OS, WHM/cPanel, Firewall and client sites plus more. The bad drive is replaced and re-syncs with the working drive and the mirror is restored prepared for a possible future drive failure. )

1) The client contacts us and we do a restore of either our weekly backup for them coming from the backup server ~or~ the “Download a Full Web Site Backup” we restore – both at no charge.


Or if the client downloaded the files to their computer …

1) Choose restore for the applicable portion – files/database/email and choose the applicable backup file on their computer and press the restore button. Done.

This brings one to wonder why a backup plugin at all? Most likely useful to those that do not have such an accommodating web host is all I can think of. I would say those not using a cPanel web host but we found that some web hosts using cPanel disable the backup feature wanting to be paid for backups and/or restores or offer another paid backup solution trying to squeeze every dime they can out of the client. This behavior we find to be immoral and unethical.

More perspective and motive …

Disk space on the native server or the remote server is money and if one thinks the space is for free think again my friend – on the so called “free” services one finds the free host scanning everything mining data and most likely selling any data they collect that third parties may be interested in and/or for the in your face advertising market profiling the consumer i.e. Gmail, Facebook etc. etc. Gmail scans your email to decide what advertising to put into your face ( so they claim that is their motive ) – Facebook sells your personal data to third parties and Government uses it to connect you and you friends plus to identify you. These places base their revenue stream on the “data” and “advertising” as they have no other means of income in that specific business model.

Paid services obviously have different motives as the revenue stream is built right into the service and there is no need to mine client data.

Nothing is free …

One just needs to think about and identify the motive of the other and then the answer will become clear as to what is really going on and why. Motives can be many but the most common is greed ( follow the money ) which can be both healthy and destructive even simultaneously and second power.

Our motive is clear … happy clients when tragedy does strike being revenue based on our paid hosting model selling space and bandwidth – avoiding the possible loss of a client and the destruction of the clients business model by virtue of keeping the clients data as safe as possible – because if they go down we can loose said client due to no fault of our own but to the data loss and/or the destruction of their business model – in other words the loss could potentially put the client out of business.

So indeed it is in our own best interest to have the clients best interest in mind doing what we can to reduce the possibility of outages any way we can … be those outages from drive failure to hacking and of course possibly client error and/or the more common coding error.

I believe we have accomplished this mission being in the clients best interests ( which obviously in our best interests as well for client retention ) in many ways not limited to but including switching from the old hard disk drive model to SSD’s, going from dual drives with the second drive being the drive that holds the backups to hardware RAID 1 mirroring plus backups sent to a backup server and of course performing weekly backups of all shared servers on said external backup server ( RAID 5 ).

Unfortunately until tragedy strikes most clients are not aware of these items i.e. that their drive space provisioning is X2 plus external backup server space, that unlimited is a farce as there is no such thing being that there is a finite amount of resources no matter who the host may be and that using a backup plugin rather then cPanel’s native backup system may indeed be a dis-service to their own interests.

In summary:

It is AECNU WPMU Hosting position that a backup plugin on our shared servers is not in the interest of the client versus using the superior cPanel backup facilities we already provide. https://wpmu-hosting.com/knowledgebase/48/Using-the-backup-facilities-in-cPanel.html

That unlimited drive space is an outright lie and the host stating so usually gives the illusion by stating unlimited disk space while at the same time counting ones inodes which is just a different way of measuring drive space usage https://webhostingvirtualdedicatedservers.com/how-host-gator-gets-away-with-unlimited-disk-space-unlimited-bandwidth-claims/ … in fact the only real difference is the measurement of said drive space.

Our Achilles heal of AECNU WPMU Hosting is recognized as being primarily the data center connectivity ( all hosts are subject to this item ) and to a much less degree the coding of the OS, WHM/cPanel and our firewall.

In the past four years of our WPMU Hosting experience we have learned a lot and addressed every single possible hosting issue we could with of course the client experience in mind and we have come a long way from where we initially started from – to date without price increases, degradation of services and/or negative impact on the clients web sites.

The only item besides those Achilles heal items previously mentioned are server migrations every couple of years as we migrate our clients web sites to the much newer hardware/software combination as hardware technology never stops getting better offering more reliability and power of course – plus software applications seemingly forever increasing in size and resource needs.

To date the only way we have found to deal with this is server migrations and even those have become much less messy and seamless for those that use our name servers and/or private name servers pointing at our name servers.



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