Sending Email Woes – The good, the bad, and the ugly

When it comes to email – there is no shortage of disappointment both on spam and delivery rates for many reasons
which we will dig into in this article to include some solutions as well.

We will start with the ultimate in stupidity – what people mark as spam getting many innocent folks IP’s and or
email server blocked. Digging into this stupidity and in some cases … way too many cases … people knowingly
doing the wrong thing. The following video says it all for this massive ignorance – End users on what is
spamming –

and note to those paying attention … even though the some people know they are wrong – for example marking an
email as spam instead of unsubscribing while knowing they did subscribe – 21% mark email as spam that they
know is not spam!

Whats the solution? There are many not limited to but including using SMTP of either a “too big to block” like
GMail for example or the use of the many “email service providers” whose job is to insure deliverability like
Get Response and SendGrid.

However, before digging deeper clarification should be made regarding email functions.

First of course is Inbound Email not limited to but including Inbound email in an email client or web
mail – Inbound email is NOT related to Outbound Email – they are two completely separate entities which are also
performed on completely separate ports which is absolute undeniable proof they are not connected.

Most folks have no issues with inbound email while on the contrary do have issues with outbound email to include
deliver-ability by being blocked by any number of entities possibly blocking and blocked due to the actions of
one of those that reported the email as spam that is not spam as shown in the above mentioned “End users on what
is spamming” video.

Chances are if one is having their email blocked and truly not spamming – that they are a victim of those that
inaccurately have marked their email as spam … though the perpetrator knows full well you are not spamming them.

What is a legitimate non spamming person to do?

There are many things one can do not limited to but including …

Fight with the black listers to get their blocked IP de-listed.

Use their ISP’s outbound mail server ( SMTP )

Use a third party outbound mail server ( SMTP ) like SendGrid or any number of choices as there are indeed so
many … but the best choice would include using one of the “too big to block” email providers like GMail or an
entity that deliver-ability is their job like SendGrid.

As mentioned earlier in this very article inbound and outbound email services are completely separate and different
unrelated actions and what we are trying to point out here is that the users that are having sending issues …
regular inbound email can stay untouched using their domain, name and everything else … while at the same time
issues with outbound to include deliver-ability can be resolved setting up SMTP services with a “too big to block”
or third party mailing service commonly known as an ESP ( Email Service Provider ).

Inbound email settings stay the same as always … but the outbound changes either in the email client or
plugin/SMTP email settings of an application to the third party. Also it is possible to have all the email both
inbound and outbound go through a third party which is usually done using custom MX settings.

For now we will discuss just for outbound “smtp” service.

Here is how one can setup GMail to be the SMTP service

Note as indicated in the article mentioned immediately above … one only needs three things for outbound
smtp service for both email clients and SMTP plugins other then authorization to send:

SMTP Server:

Username: Your gmail email

Password: This is NOT your Gmail password!

With those three items and authorization in ones GMail account one can have all their email going outbound of the
too big to fail Google/Gmail for example.

The outbound SMTP email settings:

SMTP Settings


are NOT related to the inbound email settings in any way shape or form though they can indeed be similar.

In the following example the person is Ingrid Inbound and her domain is and we set up the email
account from the beginning where we want the emails saying they come from Ingrid at and
any replies go to her hosting account/her domain as well …

Ingrid Inbound

Now that the identification and reply to email has been set up lets set up the two servers … the first
server – the incoming server – to get Ingrid’s incoming email from her hosting account ( teal arrow ) and the
second server for sending email outbound through Gmail ( yellow arrows )

Ingrids server settings

The SMTP or Outbound server can be anything one wants without affecting who the email
says it is from nor the incoming email server.

In summary:

Due to massive ignorance and those willingly and knowingly doing the wrong thing almost anyone can be blocked or
accused of spamming though they are 110% innocent Ref.

Incoming mail servers and outgoing mail servers are two separate entities and can have completely unrelated settings with the outgoing mail going through any of the many providers of SMTP services and the receiver will never know the difference as the senders name or display name and return address do not change who ever the smtp outbound server is.

The issue with people marking email as spam or spam filters claiming email is spam and blocking IP’s is so bad that there are literally tens of thousands of smtp providers whose sole job is to make sure their IP’s do not get blocked and maximum deliver-ability though 100% delivery is near impossible for many reasons not limited to but including abandoned, changed or closed email accounts. Here are 20 million involved in this very business

Other possibilities are of course ones own ISP … call them up and ask them what the outbound email settings are for your account with them and then use those settings to setup your outbound email with them. Why would one not choose this method? Only if they are actually a spammer and afraid their ISP will shut them down including connectivity.

The possibilities for outbound SMTP and/or third party mail hosting are virtually unlimited and a few are …

Ones own ISP or connectivity provider.

Third party with explicit instructions and “how to’s” like Google/Gmail  ( TIP: ) SendGrid, Wild West in affiliation with us and literally millions more many free giving up to 12,000 emails outbound a month free and more.

Best choices would be any of the too big to block like …

GMail –

Hotmail –

Yahoo –

More information about SMTP and how it works

WordPress plugin we like for WordPress based sites Supports everything: SMTP, Gmail, Mandril, SendGrid and OAuth 2.0!

Clearly no need to be troubling oneself with email deliver-ability issues caused to you and your web host for what ignorant and in some cases knowingly wrong people have done to your emails reporting them as spam getting your IP blocked  when one is not a spammer.

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